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January 2022
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Always Show Value
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Posted by: John Hadley @ 11:25 am

“You don’t have to be the first to be a success.  You don’t have to be unique.  You don’t have to be revolutionary.  What you do have to do, however, is give people value.  Give them a reason to buy from you instead of from somebody else.”

Tim Berry, author and founder of multiple companies, writing in the Blog Network, on “Startups:  Unique and Revolutionary, or Forget It?”

This statement is very apt for the job seeker, and for those already in a company, and seeking to accelerate their career growth.  The way to get noticed, and ultimately to get hired or awarded a new opportunity, is to give prospective employers value, and a reason to buy YOU instead of someone else.

The only reason I hire someone is because I firmly believe you will solve the problems I face, and achieve the results I need.  This is the ‘value’ I seek.

Expressing how many years you have been doing something, all of the credentials you have, and the various duties you have performed over the years doesn’t equate to value.  Those are what the unimaginative candidates fall back on, often because:

Unless you get very good at expressing your value in all venues, in a very natural, conversational way that isn’t ‘pushy’, you will always be left wondering why others get hired for the best jobs, or get awarded the most interesting opportunities for which you really wish you had been considered.

One key to doing this is to build a visibility campaign.  I wrote about 7 ways you could start to go about this in my most recent issue of Career Tips.  Write to me at if you would like a copy, or you can review the contents and selected articles from past issues and sign yourself up at

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2 Responses to “Always Show Value”

  1. Danielle Says:
    Just wondering how professionals with ‘entry level’ experience can show how they provide value to an employer. Because of lack of experience, I think ‘entry level’ professionals have to go above and beyond what required (like volunteering to gain experience) in order to find a job because there are so many other professionals out there that have greater work experience. A great attitude is also a great asset to have and some employers might hire someone with a great attitude over someone with experience.
  2. John Hadley Says:

    Great point, Danielle!

    The entry level person will definitely need to rely more heavily on qualities they bring to the job, like their attitude and work ethic. Statements about those will be stronger if they can point to the results they anticipate helping the employer achieve because of those. They can also look at summer jobs, school projects, volunteer work, and exceptional classroom performances. They can talk to those past employers, organizers and teachers to get feedback they can incorporate into their messaging.

    As you said, seeking out volunteer work right now will give them both experience and valuable contacts for their search and career. I wrote on that in my article “Volunteer…To Be Marketable”:

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