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January 2019
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Your Career Search
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Posted by: John Hadley @ 5:40 pm

A career search is a Marketing Campaign, pure and simple.  That means that to have the most success, you need to become the best possible Executive VP of Marketing for your company, “Me, Inc.”

This is scary for many people.

“Wait”, you say, “I didn’t sign up to become a salesperson!”

Don’t worry, you don’t need to become the stereotypical used car salesman to be effective at this.  What you do need to do is to get really clear on the benefits your ‘product’ offers to your ‘client’, your prospective hiring manager.

This is a problem for many people.  There is a tendency to think in terms of ‘experience’, which really isn’t on point.  I don’t hire you because you have 15 years experience designing widgets - that only says you’ve done it, not that you’ve done it well.  The only reason I will hire you is because of the results I believe you will produce for me, and experience is at best a poor surrogate for results.  And besides, it lumps you in with everyone else who has experience, instead of distinguishing your ‘product’ from anyone else.

Did you design widgets that got your company into new markets?  Did you come up with innovative designs that accelerated revenue growth?  Did you put together quality designs that avoided costly re-work?  Did you come up with designs that were easier to implement ant got your company to market faster?

Over the coming weeks, I will explore how to do this effectively, and how this affects everything you do and use in your search - your marketing message, your 2 minute pitch, your résumé, your cover letter, …

Until next time…


2 Responses to “Your Career Search”

  1. Harvey Says:
    You are so right, John. And it applies to business as well. When I am prospecting for new business for my graphic design firm I may get someone’s ear mentioning what I’ve done in the past; but it’s spelling out what I can do for them, and the impact it will have on their business, that really makes them sit up and take notice. As in a career search campaign, it all needs to be well thought out, written down, practiced and EXECUTED.
  2. John Hadley Says:

    Harvey: Thanks for posting. And I know you are the EXPERT in helping people make sure that their graphic designs are crystal clear in their fit to their oun messages. I still associate you with the powerful message you presented to our common networking group: “You wouldn’t go to a business meeting in pajamas and fuzzy slippers … but many corporate images are the equivalent of PJ’s and fuzzy slippers. See me to change that.” John

    ps:  For anyone who would like to know more about Harvey Barry:

    VisionWorks Unlimited, LLC
    Innovative Graphic Design based on Strategic Thinking
    9 0 8 € 4 3 9 € 9 3 9 5

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