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January 2019
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Career Challenges
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Posted by: John Hadley @ 12:43 pm

“What’s the biggest obstacle to making sure new career opportunities seek you out?”

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2 Responses to “Career Challenges”

  1. Nancy B Says:
    Showing that I can learn that last 5%. I have changed industries and roles several times in my career… I always face a huge hurdle with that 1 thing I don’t have that the hiring committee would like to see. I’m not talking show stoppers… I’m not talking required experiences… I’m talking about being in the final 3 that get the 2nd in person interview after the 3 phone screens after both the HR discussion and a Recruiter… and there is one thing that each one of us is missing from being the perfect purple squirrel. & one of the other 2 gets selected.
  2. John Hadley Says:
    The best you can do is make a strong, confident statement about why those changes make you a better candidate - the broader perspective, better ability to think out of the box, more diverse network, etc. Since you are getting to be in the final 3, you are certainly convincing them to a great degree. Now look at everything you are doing once you get to that stage:

    - Are you writing strong ‘marketing letters’ after every round of the interview to express new reasons why you would make a great addition to their team?

    - Are you bringing your references to bear, making sure that you are making the greatest possible use out of them?

    - Are you reaching out to everyone in your network to find anyone who might know something about the operation and players, or perhaps who might be able to put in a good word?

    - Are you digging deep into the challenges the company, operation, and prospective boss face, finding out what’s behind the challenges, how they show up in the business, what’s behind that, what gets in the way of fixing them, what they are costing them, etc.

    The more you can be seen as the one who asks the most probing questions, who understands the problems at the deepest level, and who has helped them see exactly how much the challenges are costing them, the more you will become the purple squirrel they can’t afford not to hire.

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