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September 2021
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The Critical Self Appraisal
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Posted by: John Hadley @ 1:18 pm

Do you dread performance appraisal time?  Or do you see this as an opportunity to market yourself?

I hope you see it as the latter!

Obviously, you need to be working throughout the year to make sure that you are doing a great job, and that this is visible to your boss, your co-workers, and other key influencers in your organization.  Now that you get to performance appraisal time, it’s your chance to do a good summary to cement your performance in your boss’s mind.

Ideal is when you are asked to do a self-appraisal.  If not, do one anyway.  Put together your thoughts and provide them to your boss ahead of time.  Offer it as a way to help make his or her job easier.  (Boss’s rarely look forward to performance appraisals either!)

When you go to do your self-appraisal, don’t get stuck in all of the details of what you did.  Think about your critical goals, and particularly what will be critical to your boss, and then use that to focus and order your presentation.  Then concentrate on what you accomplished, and what results that created for your unit, your department, and your company.  You need to articulate that part very clearly, because in the end the results are the ONLY reason your salary is being paid.

Also think carefully about what challenges you encountered along the way, and succeeded in overcoming.  One of the most important benefits you bring to your boss is your ability to overcome challenges, particularly if you are able to make it look easy.  If you do a great job with that, how likely is it that your boss truly recognizes what you are accomplishing?  It’s easy to notice an issue, it’s much more difficult to notice and remember an issue that goes away!

The self-appraisal is your chance to clearly articulate those challenges you dealt with, and remind your boss of all of the value you are adding to his or her organization!

If you’d like to talk more about this, post a comment!

One Response to “The Critical Self Appraisal”

  1. betty Says:
    Again, may I submit with Qs than comments here on this subject. Please advise how to seek management’s reconsideration of a lower rated year-end performance due to a recently discovered disability even though that newly hired employee tried to align her/his goals/accomplishments with her/his functional/company/operational managers by not missing any deadlines or delivered any poor quality work. Yet management’s year-end evaluation was not favorable, and put her/him on PIP, b/c he/she wants to support his/her management’s evaluations rather than the newly hired employee’s disagreement w/rebuttal. Therefore, he/she is in an awkward position trying to prove his/her competency under very unfavorable/nonconducive condition. Is that how attrition works at the workplace, and even more so during this hard economic times? Ironically, that company’s slogan is something like ‘Patients 1st’, yet when their employees became patients. The HR and Management team would frown upon it, and make that diabled employee miserable. Also, if favoritism was evident within the group, b/c most colleagues knew each other from prior employment, thus they support each other while the newly hired employee/lower performer was w/o any support when 1st came on board, so how does that new comer overcome that buddy system to be in a win-win situation?

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