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January 2009
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When & How To Resign
Filed under: Salary, Career, Negotiation
Posted by: John Hadley @ 9:40 pm

“I started two years ago as a temp to hire with the belief that my salary would increase when I became full time. It did not and I was already into the position for months, and made the decision to stay because when my review would come then my salary would increase. It did, about 30 cents. Also, I have had enough with bad communication with senior management. I have a good work ethic and do not believe in quitting until another opportunity is available. However, I am looking to go into work tomorrow with my resignation letter in hand. Any advice would be appreciated.”

There is nothing wrong with quitting without another opportunity lined up, as long as you have the financial resources to afford it.  Looking for a job is much easier when you can do it full time, and are free to meet with people for networking meetings and interivews during the day without needing to request time off from work.
Even though you feel like you have not been treated well at your current employer, you need to put that aside.  Leave on a positive note, without burning any bridges.  You never know when you might run into some of these people again, and you want every potential hiring manager to see you as a true professional, not someone who says negative things about people / companies they’ve worked with before.
Next time, don’t simply hope your salary will increase.  Sit down and make a list of what you’ve accomplished in your job, and what results that produced for your employer.  Try to quantify those results.  And look at what your job pays in the market.  Then approach your boss about how much you look forward to continuing to produce results like those, and could you talk about an increase in compensation to reflect the contributions you are making and expect to make in the future.